To better the lives of Jewish Parkinsons’s patients by providing an array of emotional, medical, financial and educational resources. The goal of these services is to enable those suffering from the disease to live fuller and healthier lives, to enhance their care, and to empower them to make positive choices.

Our Services


Sparks of Life continues to illuminate the way for Parkinson’s patients and their family with a quarterly newsletter, Illuminations.

Telephone Support Groups

Are you caring for a PD patient and are looking for a group of like-minded individuals to share your struggles and triumphs.


Our ever-growing library is packed with informational resources to help you through your journey with Parkinson’s.

Medicaid & SSD Assistance

Navigating Social Security and Medicaid can be confusing, oftentimes consuming hours of your time with minimal results.

Medical Referrals

Managing Parkinson’s is a complex and intricate process, necessitating the best and most competent doctors. If you have questions regarding your medical professional, or are looking for a doctor that is right for you, we have the resources to guide you through this crucial decision making process. Please, give us a call, or contact us via email.